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The Chindwin River flows down from the Burma – Assam border area, its waters rising from the Himalayan foothills. It is the main tributary of the Irrawaddy and is 1,207km long. Of this great length, about 1000km is navigable only in vessels that have the shallowest drafts in the world. These designs, perfected by the Irrawaddy Flotilla in the 1880s, are the ones that passengers of our Chindwin river cruises continue to use to this day.

The Chindwin river flows through remote areas with few roads or cars and most communities are connected by the river. Above Homalin we are in Nagaland where until Christianity arrived in the 19th Century the Nagas specialised in shrinking the heads of their human quarry. This is the loveliest of rivers but treacherous to navigate and larger ships can only venture up there in the monsoon, and even then not without difficulty.

Pandaw operates the ultra-shallow draft Zawgyi Pandaw throughout the dry season between Monyaw and Homalin and in the monsoon as far as Hkamti.

Off the Beaten Track

River Cruise itinerary for The Chindwin: 7 Nights

The Chindwin: 7 Nights

Chindwin Monywa - Homalin

Save up to 10% and No Single Supplement on selected dates

7 nights

from US$3,307.50
members from US$2,940

River Cruise itinerary for The Chindwin: 7 Nights
River Cruise itinerary for A Voyage to Nagaland

A Voyage to Nagaland

Homalin - Kalewa

Save up to 10%

7 nights

from US$3,307.50
members from US$3,234

River Cruise itinerary for A Voyage to Nagaland

Combination Cruises

River Cruise itinerary for Chindwin & The Upper Irrawaddy

Chindwin & The Upper Irrawaddy

Monywa - Kalewa - Mandalay - Pagan

Save up to 10%

17 nights

from US$7,843.50

River Cruise itinerary for Chindwin & The Upper Irrawaddy

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Our little family is again going to explore Southeast Asia and a Pandaw adventure is on the itinerary

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Travel Blogs

Britain's Longest Retreat - A trip up the Chindwin River

By General Mike Riddell Webster The Japanese first bombed Rangoon on the 23rd of December 1941. Between then and late April/early May 1942,....

River Cruise Stops



“And here it may be said that of all the ruined capitals of Burma which make their appeal on behalf of the transitoriness of life. . . Ava is th....



Nestled between forested mountains rising up to 2700 metres, the township of Homalin is a truly picturesque place. You won’t find many tourists ....



Kalewa is one of the largest ports on the Chindwin River and an important trans-shipment point for goods going to and coming from nearby India.....



The enchanting colonial town of Katha was setting for George Orwell’s Myanma Days. Katha was also the final resting place of the old flotilla an....



Khamti is known as ‘the land full of gold’.....



Visit a Buddhist orphanage and the grave of an English officer assasinated here during the Pacification of Burma (1887).....



Myanmar is famed for its untouched scenery and temple-strewn landscapes, and never is that more the case than in remote destinations like Kindat....



Visit the spectacular potteries near Kyauk-myoung We enter the Third Defile and sail upstream all day stopping at Khan-nyat village with its man....



Mawlaik replaced Kindat as the administrative capital. Like other towns of the Upper Chindwin, they can only be reached by boat so cars are few.....



Mingkin, with its Konbaung court style teak monasteries are sumptuously decorated. Mingkin may be described as the Luang Prabang of the Chindwin....



We cast off early and stop at Mingun to see the largest working bell in the world and the unfinished pagoda that is the largest single mass of b....



Entering the Lower Chindwin where the river widens and the forested hills fall away to farmland we pass a number of attractive villages. We will....



Nagalan is a state in Northeast India. The state capital is Kohima, and the largest city is Dimapur.....



Pagan is one of the richest archeological sites in the world and the highlight of every tour through Myanmar. In between 11th and 13th century t....


Phowin Taung

Located in the Sagaing Division of Myanmar, Phowin Tuang is a sight you have to see to believe. Luckily, you can do just that when you book one ....



Near the mouth of the Yu River which drains the Kubu valley, Sitthaung was the final resting place of a number of IFC steamers scuppered there i....



When you book an Irrawaddy River Cruise with Pandaw, you can expect to stop off at some of the most interesting and enchanting locations. This i....



Toungdoot or Hsawng-hsup in Tai, is an ancient Shan enclave which in British times still had a ruling prince or sawbwa complete with palace and ....

River Cruise Ships

RV Kalay Pandaw river cruise ship

The Kalay Pandaw was built in Mandalay in 2013 by our own team from within the company. This river yacht was built for private friend and family....

RV Zawgyi Pandaw river cruise ship

We acquired this Z craft in 2008 and fitted her out as a floating clinic as part of the Cyclone Nargis relief effort. Returned to us by the NGO ....

Chindwin River Climate

Chindwin River climate chart

Optional Extensions

2 Nights Mystical Inle Lake

Inle is one of the biggest lakes in Burma. It’s famous for its stunning location between the hills of Shan State, easy access by air (domestic f....

2 Nights Southern Shan State Adventure - Kalaw Hill Lodge

Shan State is one of the most famous regions in Burma. While it’s southern part is most famous for amazing Inle Lake, relatively easy access by ....

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