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Luxury small ship river cruises in Asia
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MV Kindat Pandaw Embarks On Brahmaputra Odyssey, Marking New Era In Assam’s River Cruise Tourism

01 Nov 2023 - article by

Pandaw joins Conde Nast awards list

12 Oct 2023 - article by TTR Weekly

Big Things in Small-Ship Packages

14 Nov 2022 - article by TTR Weekly

Pandaw returns to the Mekong

21 Oct 2022 - article by TTR Weekly

Pandaw returns to Halong Bay

22 Sep 2022 - article by TTR Weekly

Paul Strachan's New Book - The Fabulous Flotilla

11 Aug 2022 - article by Whittles Publishing

New Pandaw ship will sail Vietnam river cruises

16 Jun 2022 - article by TTR Weekly

Ships are returning to Southeast Asia

02 Jun 2022 - article by TTR Weekly

Third Pandaw ship sails the Mekong

20 May 2022 - article by TTR Weekly

The Mekong's Magical Secret

25 May 2021 - article by Caroline Hendrie for the Mail Online

Vietnam River Cruising - A truly immersive experience (PODCAST)

12 May 2021 - article by Kerry Newsome Episode for What About Vietnam

The 30 best river cruises for 2021 and beyond

16 Mar 2021 - article by Sara Macefield for The Telegraph

Retraced grandmother's Mekong trip

01 Mar 2021 - article by David Smith for the International Travel News

Mekong article in the German publication Azur (in German, page 10)

28 Apr 2020 - article by Azur Magazine

Die Magie des Ganges

06 Apr 2020 - article by Maik Günther for An Bord Magazine (in German)

Onboard a Pandaw river cruise boat in Southeast Asia

17 Mar 2020 - article by Wendy on Have Pension - Will Travel

Pandaw’s Pursuit Of Laos

05 Mar 2020 - article by Steve Leland for the Porthole Cruise Magazine

Pandaw redesigns Classic Mekong cruise

20 Jan 2020 - article by TTR Weekly

Mekong river cruise through Laos reveals a country on the verge of major change

28 Dec 2019 - article by Gary Walsh from Escape

Pandaw Milestone - Pandaw successfully reached Varanasi

02 Dec 2019 - article by Cruise Weekly

The perfect holiday in Myanmar

21 Nov 2019 - article by Gill Charlton for the Telegraph

RV Kanee Pandaw sets sail

09 Oct 2019 - article by TTR Weekly

The top cruise ship for cabin quality revealed - have you stayed in it?

24 Aug 2019 - article by Beth Allcock for the Express

Myanmar River Cruise: Why You Should See Burma By Small Ship Cruise

08 Jul 2019 - article by Judi Cohen for Travel Awaits

The best hidden gems to see on an Asia cruise

21 May 2019 - article by Sara Macefield for The Telegraph

Dolphins and dancing on a Jules Verne river cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam

17 Apr 2019 - article by Beverley Watts for the Silver Travel Advisor

Spirited away on a river cruise in Laos

13 Apr 2019 - article by Lee Beaumann for The Times

In George Orwell's Footsteps (Written in German)

09 Mar 2019 - article by Bärbel Schwertfeger for OÖNachrichten

Cultural immersion on Laos river cruise

10 Jan 2019 - article by Group Leisure & Travel. From Buddhist ceremonies to stunning scenery, Jeannine Williamson finds out why Laos should be on your river cruise agenda. Read the full article here.

Five of the best Mekong river cruises for wildlife fans

11 Dec 2018 - article by Tamara Hinson for The Telegraph

Exploring Laos by Boat

29 Nov 2018 - article by Norma Myer, Freelance Writer & Traveller for the San Diego Union Tribune

World's best places to eat: The 21 best dishes of 2018 named

20 Nov 2018 - article by Kristie Kellehan for the Traveller

The rise of the multigenerational river cruise

08 Nov 2018 - article by Jeannine Williamson for Cruise Trade News

King of the Mekong

11 Oct 2018 - article by Cruise Adviser

Just Back From Pandaw: 7 Reasons to Take a River Cruise in Laos

09 Oct 2018 - article by Chris Gray Faust, Managing Editor for CruiseCritic

Voyage along Vietnam's Red River

08 Sep 2018 - article by Lee Beaumann for The Times

Sabaidee Pandaw successfully completes river trials

03 Sep 2018 - article by Rebecca Gibson for Cruise & Ferry

Cruising Ganges with Pandaw: A New Way To See India

29 Aug 2018 - article by Paul from

Pioneering Northern Vietnam’s Red River on an Old-world Beauty

27 Aug 2018 - article by Theresa Storm for Waypoints Global

Cruising Vietnam's Red River

23 Aug 2018 - article by Tiana Templeman for the New Zealand Herald

Pandaw Expands Cruise Offerings in India

17 Jul 2018 - article by Newsdesk on Travel Agent Central

Quirky Cruise12 Reasons to do a Vietnam Red River Cruise with Pandaw

06 Jul 2018 - article by Heidi Sarna for

Intimate Vietnam Vibes

28 Jun 2018 - article by author Heidi Sarna, co-founder of

A cruise to magical Myanmar

08 Jun 2018 - article by Jeannine Williamson for the World Of Cruising

Andaman Explorer

30 May 2018 - article by Travel Cruises by the Telegraph

Queen Kong: A trip down the Mekong in Laos is an eye-opening marvel

09 May 2018 - article by Jeannine Williamson, World of Cruising

Just Back from a Pandaw Cruise in Myanmar

13 Mar 2018 - article by Kristie Kellahan, Cruise Critic contributor

Live From Angkor Pandaw: Cruising Vietnam's Red River

06 Mar 2018 - article by Laura Bly, Cruise Critic contributor

An exciting Pandaw river cruise through South East Asia’s least-known destination

05 Feb 2018 - article by Jeannine Williamson for Silver Travel Advisor

In Myanmar, An Off-Grid Cruise Stuck In Time

24 Jan 2018 - article by Kames Narayanan for TSingapore

Shake up your cruise routine: Touring the Delta

21 Jan 2018 - article by Phil Marty, freelance reporter, for the Chicago Tribune

5 Faves: Hanoi Highlights

19 Jan 2018 - article by Steve Leland fro Porthole Cruise Magazine

The Great Escape

15 Jan 2018 - article by T Singapore: The New York Times Style Magazine

Rediscovering The Road To Mandalay: Cruising the Irrawaddy River

24 Dec 2017 - article by Julie L. Kessler for the San Francisco Examiner

Rediscovering the road to Mandalay: Crusing the Irrawaddy River

18 Dec 2017 - article by Julie L. Kessler for the Star-Advertiser

In conversation with Paul Strachan, Pandaw founder

16 Dec 2017 - article by VJV Four Corners Magazine

Just back from The Mergui Archipelago

21 Nov 2017 - article by Sara Macefield for The Telegragh

Myanmar river cruise: A journey through the Burmese tropics discovering the mysterious lands of the Naga head-hunting warriors

18 Oct 2017 - article by Sadie Whitelocks for the Metro

Riding the Nine Dragons

01 Oct 2017 - article by Patrick Smith for the Living & Travel magazine

Down the mighty Mekong (Laos)

20 Aug 2017 - article by Tan Chung Lee for the Straits Times Singapore

Glorious glimpses of the past on the road to Mandalay

16 May 2017 - article by Mihir Bose for the Mail on Sunday

Travel Writer Show Australia, Radio interview with Pandaw's Sandra Cahill

04 May 2017 - article by by Graeme Kemlo (14 minutes)

Vietnam: Northern Exposure

03 May 2017 - article by Petra O’Neill for The Expat Malaysia (page 32)

Lao and now: Mekong River, Vientiane, Thailand

22 Apr 2017 - article by John Borthwick for THE AUSTRALIAN

Vietnam’s Red River

13 Mar 2017 - article by Jane Archer for World of Cruising

The 20 best cruises for 2017

14 Jan 2017 - article by Sara Macefield for The Times

Asia's Rivers Of Adventure

12 Dec 2016 - article by Kannan Chandran for Storm Singapore

Mekong River cruise, Cambodia: Flickers of hope along the Mekong Read

02 Dec 2016 - article by Nina Karnikowski from the Wendy Wu press trip

RV Mekong Pandaw: along the mighty river from Cambodia to Vietnam

26 Nov 2016 - article by Helen McKenzie for The Australian

Luxury Cruise: Kalay Pandaw

01 Nov 2016 - article by Jeannine Williamson for the Luxury Travel Bible

Northern cruising: A journey up Vietnam's Red River

24 Oct 2016 - article by Colin Hinshelwood for CNN Travel

A river cruise adventure on the Chindwin

21 Oct 2016 - article by Charlotte Rose for the Myanmar Times

The Pandaw Luxury River Cruise: An Odyssey on the Mekong from Saigon to Phnom Penh

26 Jul 2016 - article by Glenn Harris for the Luxury Lifestyle Mag UK

A Floating Safari in Borneo

26 Jul 2016 - article by Nikki Ekstein for Bloomberg

Cruise from marvellous Mandalay to beautiful Bagan

15 May 2016 - article by Sandra Scott for Creators

Vietnam River Cruise | Red River Dreaming

04 May 2016 - article by Maria Visconti for Travel2next

Myanmar: It's all change for the former colony but the magnetism of its culture remains intact

26 Mar 2016 - article by Martin Hunt for The Herald Magazine

Going with the flow: River cruising has never been more popular

01 Mar 2016 - article by Jo Andrews for the Daily Mail UK

A River Cruise Into Deepest Myanmar

01 Mar 2016 - article by Roger Toll for Wall Street Journal

Burma Cruise: Down the Chindwin to temples, caves and a giant Buddha

29 Feb 2016 - article by Jeannine Williamson for The Independent

Pandaw Irrawaddy river cruise review

22 Feb 2016 - article by Rhian Colley for Cruise International UK

Cruise along Vietnam's Red River Delta

01 Jan 2016 - article by Claire Boobbyer for the Independent UK

The rare gems of Myanmar

01 Oct 2015 - article by Travel Weekly

Mekong river cruise: exploring Cambodia and Vietnam from the water

01 Oct 2015 - article by Telegraph Travel

Daily Telegraph Australia on Pandaw in Burma

01 Oct 2015 - article by Daily Telegraph Australia

Herald Sun Australia on Pandaw in Burma

01 Oct 2015 - article by Herald Sun Australia

The Telegraph UK interviews Pandaw Founder Paul Strachan

01 Sep 2015 - article by The Telegraph UK

Pandaw Announces New Myanmar Coastal Expedition to Myeik

01 Aug 2015 - article by Myanmar Business Today

Pandaw's incredible new South American river adventure

01 Aug 2015 - article by Entrepreneur and Investor magazine

Unique Pandaw River Expeditions

01 Aug 2015 - article by Yangon Life

Pandaw launches emergency appeal: Floods in Burma

01 Aug 2015 - article by Yangon Life

Pandaw is the first cruise ship permitted to travel on northern Vietnamese rivers

01 Jul 2015 - article by The Voice of Vietnam

Clive Aslet about Pandaw on the Upper Irrawaddy

01 Apr 2015 - article by Telegraph UK

Grand dame of the vibrant Mekong River

01 Apr 2015 - article by Shirley Sinclair, Sunshine Coast Daily

Fodor voted Pandaw among the best 10 River Cruises

01 Mar 2015 - article by Fodor

Mandalay Pagan Packet Burma

01 Oct 2014 - article by Tom Tacker, Naked Hungry Traveller

RV Kalaw Pandaw’s maiden voyage on the Mandalay Pagan Packet

01 Oct 2014 - article by Cruise Adviser by Samual Ballard

6 Trends in Cruising

01 May 2014 - article by NEW YORK TIMES by Elaine Glusac

52 Places to Go in 2014

01 Jan 2014 - article by NEW YORK TIMES (Pandaw on the Mekong makes #35!)

Pandaw, Kipling and Orwell Revive the Road to Mandalay

01 Oct 2013 - article by Ralph Grizzle

Pandaw Announces new shorter Mekong Cruises

01 Jan 2013 - article by Rod Eime

On song up the Irrawaddy

01 Oct 2012 - article by Glenda Halliwell

On the river to Mandalay

01 May 2012 - article by David Potts

Echoes of empire on the Irrawaddy

01 Jan 2012 - article by Maria Visconti

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