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Discover an unseen India on our Ganges River Cruises

Life on the river Ganges is important to many people in India. It provides a lifeline to millions of natives who live on the banks and close by, as well as a spiritual site to many Hindus.

Pandaw's Ganges river cruises take you into the heart of the country, they allow you to experience India in a more intimate way. Explore riverbank villages, ride on rickshaws, and see the awe-inspiring terracotta temples. If wildlife is your thing, you may even be lucky enough to spot some Gangetic dolphins playing in the water beside you as you dine on deck.

The Ganges River is over 2,500km long and flows through India and Bangladesh. It begins its journey in the western Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and makes its way south and east through the Gangetic Plain of India and Bangladesh, before finally draining into the Bay of Bengal.

Many tourists come to India to experience the rich culture, they immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle, the sights and smells, but not all of them see life from the river.

Time onboard a Pandaw cruise ship is relaxed and comfortable. We go out of our way to make sure you have space and time to enjoy your surroundings as much as possible. Dining can be indoors or out, depending on the time of year you are travelling and of course, the weather.

If you do wish to take part, we have talks and demonstrations from local Indian people, to make your trip that little bit more fruitful.

Our staterooms are spacious and come with fresh fruits and flowers on arrival. We supply kimonos, slippers and spa-branded amenities to make your stay extra special.

Indus River CruisesPlease Note these river expeditions are operated by Indus Expeditions, not Pandaw, and it is understood that the style and standards may be very different from those offered on Pandaw managed cruises. Indus Expeditions make every effort to offer the highest levels of guest care but it should be noted that given the chaotic but often charming way in which India works these are very different from what you will find in South-East Asia!

River Cruise itinerary for The Upper Ganges River River Cruise map for The Upper Ganges River

The Upper Ganges River


Your 14-night cruise on the Ganges will be full of Indian splendour, with visits to an 18th-century church and Dupleix's House, the erstwhile Governor-General of French India. You will pass the old Dutch settlement of Chinsura and a visit to the imposing Imambara at Hooghly with verses from the Koran written on its walls. What better way to see true Indian life than onboard a Ganges cruise. You will visit over 20 towns and villages. Places of sacred importance, battlefields, brass working villages, the world's largest opium factory and many great Palace's are just some of the places you will witness. Depending on whether you are travelling up or downstream, your journey will begin or end in Varanasi with a beautiful trip on rowing boats for sunrise over the bathing ghats.

Rivers: Ganges River

Ships: RV Katha Pandaw, RV Kindat Pandaw

from US$5,022

members from US$4,464

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River Cruise itinerary for The Lower Ganges River River Cruise map for The Lower Ganges River

The Lower Ganges River


If time is a little more limited, a 7-night cruise on the Ganges is ideal. Life from the river on the Lower Ganges offers beautiful scenery; you will make your way through the often unseen countryside of Bengal, stopping to take in the culture-rich towns that are full of temples and palaces. Your voyage can include visits to Kolkata and travels to Kalna where you will see the town by rickshaw and onto the brass-working village of Matiari. As you travel further into the heart of India you will walk the mustard fields and mango orchards and on to the quiet village of Baranagar to see the miniature terracotta temples. Seeing rural India in such a way really brings with it a true sense of their way of life.

Rivers: Ganges River

Ships: RV Kalaw Pandaw

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Ganges River Ships

RV Kalaw Pandaw river cruise ship

RV Kalaw Pandaw

Sister to the Kindat and identical in design the Kalaw was launched with her in 2014 Kalaw is named after the PS Kalaw launched in 1917 and sunk....
RV Katha Pandaw river cruise ship

RV Katha Pandaw

This was a radical new design, based on the old K class used in Burma from the 1880s on. This ship is the third Katha to run on the Irrawaddy. T....
RV Kindat Pandaw river cruise ship

RV Kindat Pandaw

The original Kindat was built in 1886 by Yarrows in London and sank in 1920. She was named after a small Upper Chindwin town. Following experime....

River Cruise Stops



Chandannagar was established as a French colony in 1673, when the French obtained permission from Ibrahim Khan, the Nawab of Bengal, to establish a trading post on the right bank of the Hughli River.


The town is more popularly known as Ambika Kalna, named after a very popular deity, Goddess Kali, Maa Ambika. It has numerous historical monuments such as the Rajbari (the palace) and the 108 Shiva temples.


Kolkata also known historically in English as Calcutta, is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly river.


One of the best things about taking a river cruise is the fact that you get to experience many amazing places during one trip. This is something you can expect with one of our Ganges river cruises. One of the most popular stops on our cruises is Mayapur. Read on to discover more about this destination and what it has to offer. ISKCON Temple at Mayapur Key facts about Mayapur Mayapur is a city located in Rarh, India. It is situated in between the Jalangi and Hoogly rivers. It is one of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s dham Nabadwip’s nine islands. It is situated around 130 km from Kolkata, and it is well connected with the rail networks and roads from there. It is a holy city, and has a number of different sites that are of Cultural and Religious importance. What is Mayapur famous for? Mayapur is deemed the holiest of all places in India, and this is one of the main reasons why it attracts people from all over the world. This is a place that has devotion running through it. From the temples to the memorial sites; it is simply a majestic destination. Mayapur jetty and waterfront Top things to do in Mayapur There is no denying that the main attraction in Mayapur is the ISKCON Temple. This is the head temple of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. In fact, this temple alone is the reason why so many devotees from all over the globe come to Mayapur. Inside, visitors can see the magnificent deities of Radha-Madhav, Srila Prabhupada, Lord Nrisingha Dev, and Pancatattva. You also have Srila Prabhupada’s Pushpa Samadhi Mandir, which is Srila Prabhupada’s outstanding memorial shrine, which is the biggest of its kind in India. It is a majestic and tall marble dom, which takes over the skyline here, shining beautifully during the sunset and sunrise. Other sites include Ballal Dhigi, which is a 30-foot high mound, which dates back to ancient times, as well as Srila Prabhupada’s personal quarters and Goshala. Nabadwip City is an old city in the area, which is linked with the birth of Lord Sri. Chaitanya. Lord Sri. Chaitanya was a key social former in the 16th century, as well as being a religious leader who preached Vasihnab ideas. It’s also worth noting that there is another temple in construction, which should be completed by 2022. This is the Vedic Planetarium Temple, which is going to be the biggest Vedic Temple across the world. It is also going to have the Sudarshana Chakras and the base of the Chakra, which is going to be made from a few tonnes of gold. ISKCON temple in Mayapur If you are interested in visiting Mayapur on a Pandaw River Cruise , the best way to experience it is on the Upper Ganges river cruise where we stop off at Kala before making our way to Mayapur to visit the ISKCON temple as well as the wealth of other cultural sights in the area.


Murshidabad is a city in Murshidabad district of West Bengal state in India. The city of Murshidabad is located on the southern bank of the Bhagirathi, a tributary of the Ganges River.

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