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Luxury small ship river cruises in Asia


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Pandaw Cruises run river cruise expeditions in Burma on the Irrawaddy River and Chindwin River, where the unique Pandaw river expedition concept evolved from the vestiges of the colonial Irrawaddy Flotilla Company

Vietnam & Cambodia

There can be no tapestry of river life as fascinating and varied as the Mekong River, and be no more striking a cultural contrast as that between the bustling Vietnam delta, the tranquility of Cambodia and the sheer charm of Laos

Laos & China

Sail from Thailand on the Upper Mekong River to China on an amazing 4-country river recce offering much to explore including the Menglun Botanical Gardens, Mangfeilong Monastery, a tea plantation and Manting Park Temple, the third most important Buddhist temple in Yunnan province


Explore the Lower Ganges or Hooghly River on the stately Orient Pandaw visiting the cultural riches of Bengal with its many palaces and temples set amidst an idyllic rural landscape

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