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India is one of the world's oldest civilizations and offers a wealth of treasures to tempt adventurous travellers from around the world. At Pandaw, it's our pleasure to introduce you to some of the country's naturally beautiful, historically significant and culturally rich locations. Our luxurious India river cruises are designed to make India, and Asia's many gems accessible to all. Gems like the thriving and industrious, yet picturesque and culturally steeped city of Bengaluru, better known as Bangalore.

Join us as we explore the capital of Karnataka state in southern India.

The historical Bangalore PalaceThe historical Bangalore palace

The History of Bangalore

One of the largest Indian cities, Bangalore is the hub of India's tech boom. But while it has the hustle and bustle that you'd expect from any major metropolitan city, it also has a rich history, vibrant culture and a host of memorable landmarks and destinations worthy of any bucket list.

Before it was the IT capital of India, the city has seen a number of cultures come and go.

The city's name Bengaluru is derived from the phrase "bende kaalu ooru", or 'the town of boiled beans'- a homage to King Ballala of the Hoysala dynasty. Legend has it that the king became lost in the jungle and was close to succumbing to exhaustion and starvation. In the jungle, he came across an old woman who, despite living in poverty, offered the exhausted monarch a humble meal of boiled beans. In gratitude, King Ballala named his destination 'bende kaalu ooru', the town of boiled beans.

In the intervening years, much of what became Bangalore was shaped by its founder, the feudal lord Kempe Gowda and built upon Sultans, Marathas and British colonists until India gained independence in 1947.

Today, Bangalore (officially renamed Bengaluru in 2006) is a thriving conurbation which draws tourists from all over the world.

Things to See and Do in Bangalore

When our river cruises alight in Bangalore from the Vrushabavathi river, take an auto rickshaw to experience the city like a local. Enjoy a walk through the scenic Lalbagh Botanical Gardens or venture into Cubbon Park a little further north. Explore the opulent National Gallery of Modern Art. Oh, and be sure to get a bite to eat from food street. The clue's right there in the name! You'll find some of the most authentic and delicious Indian street food.

As well as being known as the silicon valley of India, Bangalore is also known for its fashion economy, making it the perfect place for lovers of couture to indulge in a shopping experience they'll never forget and pick up some unique pieces to round out their wardrobe.

Let Pandaw Unlock Asia's Gems for You

Explore the historic wonders and modern luxuries of Bangalore from the water with Pandaw.

Every member of our team, along with your crew, is dedicated to bringing you a travel experience you'll never forget, combining the many wonders of the Asian continent with an unassuming luxury. Our cruise ships are small enough to allow you to explore Asia's treasures yet offer the highest passenger-to-deck-space ratio of any cruise ships afloat.

Let us be your companions as you explore the diverse wonders of Bangalore.