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Vietnam's stunning scenery, warm friendly locals and rich culture and history have long made it a favourite destination among adventure-hungry tourists. At Pandaw, we take great pleasure in helping travellers uncover the most naturally beautiful, historically significant and culturally rich destinations not just in Vietnam but all over Asia. Explore the bounty of Vietnam with our luxurious Mekong River cruises. Our understated yet luxurious river vessels provide an entryway into some of the country's most fascinating locations, like the charming French Colonial town of Chau Doc.

Join us as we explore this stunning location that deserves a space on any bucket list.

Sun setting over Chau DocSun setting over Chau Doc

History of Chau Doc

Chau Doc is close to the river border between Vietnam and Cambodia and is located in the Mekong Delta by the Hâu River- a branch of the Mekong that flows through Vietnam. It is believed that the Vietnamese people settled here during the 16th century.

Its initial function was as a military base under General Nguyen Huu Canh (1650-1700) who is widely accredited with establishing Chau Doc. Troops stationed there built their own communities and a number of streets, canals and important public sites in the area still bear the general's name.

In 1815, King Gia Long ordered construction of Chau Doc Fort on the river's western bank and farmers and artisans were recruited to settle and work the land. This was the first in a number of projects that saw the town grow both in prosperity and strategic military value.

In the late 1800s, Chao Doc was one of the territories surrendered to French Indochina which is why the town has such a starkly European colonial aesthetic.

Things to See and Do in Chau Doc

Start your visit with a drink and a bite to eat at the Victoria hotel where you can enjoy free wifi and a quick game of billiards. Or simply sip a coffee while enjoying a stunning view of the river.

Next, you may want to take a wander through the floating market to find some unique gifts for friends and family (or just treat yourself). There's also a very unique Catholic church where you'll see the images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and various saints with distinctly Vietnamese countenances.

Journey north a little and you'll find Sam Mountain- widely considered a local pilgrimage site because of its many shrines and temples, the most significant of which is the Ba Chua Xu Temple.

Military historians will also want to visit the Tuc Dup Hill where the Viet Cong fought off an assault by U.S. troops which lasted for four months. Near the hill, you'll see the graves of the fallen.

Market stall at Chau DocMarket stall at Chau Doc

Saigon to Siem Reap with Pandaw

Our Classic Mekong cruise is the perfect way to explore Chau Doc and myriad other under-appreciated treasures of Vietnam as you travel in relaxed comfort from Saigon to Siem Reap.

Let Pandaw unlock Asia's gems for you

Explore the natural and historic wonders of Chau Doc with Pandaw. Our team and crew are completely dedicated to bringing you a travel experience you'll remember for the rest of your life, combining the wonders of Asia with simple and unassuming luxury as well as peerless service.

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