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Location of the ancient Edfu Temple, is set on the west bank of the Nile, and is said to be one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. Dedicated to the Falcon god Horus and built in the Ptolemaic period between 237 and 57 BC.

Once known as Thebes, there are a great number of ancient temples and tombs to explore including the West Bank, one of the most famous and important archaeological sites in the world. See the Valley of the Kings, burial ground of the pharaohs for a period of 500 years. The tombs vividly depict the journey of the sun god and pharaoh through the dangers of the Underworld. Continue to the tomb of Tutankhamun – perhaps the most famous in Egypt. Queen Hatshepsut’s temple, the Colossi of Memnon and the newly opened tomb of Amn Om Otop are well worth visiting as are the iconic the temples of Karnak, home to a vast array of monuments dedicated to Amun-Ra, king of the gods, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu.

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