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If you are looking to explore the unknown and astounding, a trip on one of our cruises is definitely the answer. We take travellers to new worlds and help them to discover exciting experiences that they never imagined could be possible. We’ll take you on a trip to the past as you uncover ancient locations that few have been able to explore.

Picturesque locations await with fascinating stories that will reveal themselves as you journey through the land with our team as your trusted, esteemed guides. One of our most popular stops is Gaur, a location that was once completely inaccessible to travellers. We are delighted to be able to show you an ancient city, preserved in time on our luxurious lower Ganges river cruise.

About Gaur

Gaur has been known by many names in the past - Gour, Guada and even Lakhnauti. The location has a rich history that dates back to when it was built in A.D. 1198. It’s an incredible place with countless ruins to explore, some of which still stand today. This includes an ancient mosque that was once used as a sacred place of worship for the people who lived here.

Once you disembark our luxurious cruise ship, we will lead you to the entrance gates of this once great city. Two stone pillars still mark the spot and will guide you to the place where the glorious palace once stood.

Historic sites at GaurHistoric sites at Gaur

What Will You Discover

Gaur has long been a place of interest for research and excavations continue to this day. Our passengers often gain the chance to speak with researchers on-site about what they have discovered.

Even if experts are not available, our team will always be on hand to share some fascinating insights and there are signboards dotted around this historic location. As such, you will always be able to gain the answers that you seek.

One of the most popular ruins to explore is a dome-like structure. This looms over the rest of the land and stands out as a centrepiece attraction. Researchers believe this was used to contain some of the most fierce and dangerous criminals of the land. Since many of the walls surrounding Gaur still stand today, you will be able to explore where guards were positioned to protect the city and even discover an ancient tomb!

We are delighted to say that much of Gaur has been beautifully preserved and our passengers are always amazed at how well this location has withstood the test of time.

Journey With Us And Discover Gaur Yourself

Gaur is just one of the many remarkable stops on our Indian river cruises. We are proud to be able to provide passengers with an unbeatable experience that offers all the luxuries you could possibly want along with an adventure like nothing you have encountered before. From ancient monuments to hidden destinations, no two journeys are the same when you book a tour with our expert team.

Allow us to be your guide to a destination that must be seen to be believed.