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Located on the right bank of the Tapajos River in the heart of the Tapajos National Forest, is the starting point for a walk in primary forest in search of giant trees. The Tapajós National Forest is an important nature conservation site located in the Amazon, specifically the banks of the Rio Tapajós in Pará state region.

Established in 1974, it is a federal conservation area in the national forest category that most houses scientific research in the country - 65 research in 2013 (SISBIO, 2014). With approximately 527,000 hectares the unit features great diversity of landscapes: rivers, lakes, wetlands, land, hills, plains and forests. The strongly preserved forest cover, the Tapajós River with its green and warm waters, and the sheer scenic beauty of the region make the Tapajós National Forest one of the most attractive protected areas in the northern region of Brazil. The Tapajós National Forest is also home to about 500 Munduruku Indians of Ethnicity, divided into three villages - Bragança, Marituba and Takuara.