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Majuli, a jewel in the crown of India's Assam region, is the world’s largest river island. A small landmass nestled among the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Majuli is a popular tourist destination, which boasts picturesque scenery and a vibrant culture. With its stunning beauty and enviable location surrounded by tranquil river waters, it's no wonder that Majuli is a much-anticipated stop-off on our Brahmaputra river cruises. For those gearing up for a Pandaw cruise along the Brahmaputra, here's a useful guide to magical Majuli.

Majuli IslandMajuli Island

Why is Majuli famous and what can I expect from my visit?

Majuli is a unique island idyll, which has been attracting crowds for decades. Located in the region of Assam, this iconic mass represents India’s first island district. Majuli Island is officially the world’s largest river island, and its diverse, unique geography makes it an enthralling prospect for nature lovers, photographers, and those keen to engage in cultural activities and experiences. Easily accessible by boat, this UNESCO World Heritage site comprises verdant paddy fields, rustic stilt-house villages, and channels of rumbling river streams. A watery wonderland that offers something for everyone, this is a port of call that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Top things to see and do in Majuli

The sheer beauty of Majuli is sufficient to warrant a visit, but there’s also plenty of activities and attractions on offer. Highlights include:

Visiting a local village

Majuli boasts an eclectic mixture of communities, with people hailing from a diverse range of backgrounds. Perhaps the most well-known inhabitants are the Mishing people, who are famed for their warmth and hospitality. Visiting villages, which tend to be made up of cottages on stilts overlooking the water, affords the chance to get to know the locals, to learn about the way of life in Majuli, and to listen to tales of folklore.

Learning about the masks of Majuli

Majuli is famous for its tradition for creating and wearing artisan masks, which feature bold colours and ornate decorative touches. Masks are traditionally made using bamboo frames, which are adorned with clay and accessories to create human-like, animal, and mythological creatures and beings.

Spend an afternoon touring Majuli's Satras

Majuli's Satras are famed for their ethereal, tranquil presence, and many regard Shri Shri Dakhinpat Satra as one of the most serene places in India. Built in 1584, this particular Satra is characterised by colourful engravings of animals and flowers that cover the facade. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the Satras are wonderful spots to reflect, embrace the peace and quiet, and take in the views.

Satra in MajuliSatra in Majuli

Catching the sunset

Majuli is mesmerising at any time of day, but there’s nothing quite like the spellbinding sight of the sunset. As darkness descends, look out for shades of red, pink, and purple filling the skies, casting a shadow over the rippling surface of the water and the gently rocking wooden boats.

The largest river island on the planet, Majuli is a mystical wonderland, which offers everything from cultural experiences and attractions to jaw-dropping sunsets, welcoming locals and incredible scenery. The best way to experience Majuli is on The Brahmaputra cruise, where you’ll explore the Satras and the Shiva Dol, a temple.