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A town in the Ayeyarwady Division in south-west Burma, Maubin (also known as Ma-ubin) is an incredible place to visit. Known for its growing communication and transportation services, colourful sand and its bustling markets, it will make a pleasant stop during your river cruise. You can visit Maubin either in The Irrawaddy River Cruise or The Great Irrawaddy Delta River Cruise. As you approach the banks, you will be met with traditional boats and houses.

Fresh vegetables at Maubin market Fresh vegetables at Maubin market

Key Facts About Maubin

  • It has just over 51,000 residents
  • It is 339 km south of the capital – Nay Pyi Taw
  • Its inhabitants are Karen and Bamar
  • The main religion is Buddhism
  • Rice and fish are two of the main contributors to Maubin’s economy

Top Attractions To Visit in Maubin


As the main religion in Maubin is Buddhism, there is a variety of pagodas to see within the town. Located on Sane Mya Kanthar Street is the beautiful Sane Mya Kanthar Ceti Pagoda. On the Toe River, in the southern part of Muabin is Pagoda Paw Taw Mu Ceti, an ancient pagoda with gold accents and a regal staircase. Both wonderful pagodas to see during your trip to Maubin, they will immerse you into the culture of the country.

Dae Thin Yay Kyaw

One of the most renowned attractions in the Maubin area is Dae Thin Yay Kyaw, a floating village that will transport you into a different world. With no bicycles, motorbikes, cars or roads, it has only stilted houses. Its water fields are mostly used for agricultural purposes and are a breathtaking sight for anyone that ventures there. Close enough that you can explore the village during your river cruise, it’s a popular swimming spot for locals.

Maubin Beach

As you enter into Maubin you will come across a bridge. If you follow the signs to the Ta Lot Lat East Village you will come across the beautiful Maubin Beach. A sandbank on the side of the river, it’s perfect for those wanting a break from the bustling market. In the afternoon, the water recedes, allowing people to walk across to the opposite sandbank.

What Maubin is Famous For

Maubin is not only famous for its rice fields, stilt houses, pagodas and bustling markets but it also has for project bridges. Khattiya Bridge, Maubin Bridge, Bo Myat Htun Bridge and Pantanaw River-Crossing Bridge are must-sees.

Khattiya Bridge

Located between Bokanbay Village, Maubin and Latyargyi Village, Khattiya Bridge is only 12 feet in length. Opened in 1997, it can carry an impressive 13 tons and is manufactured with a concrete bale iron frame.

Banks of the Irrawaddy at MaubinBanks of the Irrawaddy at Maubin

Maubin Bridge

Nestled between Taloatlatt West Village and Taloatlatt East Villages in the township, Maubin bridge was built in 1998. One of the bigger bridges in the area, it has a 60-ton capacity.

Bo Myat Htun Bridge

Set on the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy, this impressive bridge is over 2600 meters. Spanning across the Naungton township, Taung Tan village and up to Ayeryarwaddy, this bridge is an attraction in itself.

Pantanaw River-Crossing Bridge

Set on the Bayintnaung street river bank, this bridge measures 420 feet. Showcasing the development in the area, it can carry transport lorries up to 60 tons.

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