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Here at Pandaw, we are thrilled to help curious travellers gain a fresh perspective of Asia providing trips to attractions and experiences that are nearly completely inaccessible with other forms of transportation. Discerning travellers are encouraged to uncover remote locations that hold hidden wonders which will take you on a whirlwind journey back to the past.

On five of our expeditions, you can explore the Irrawaddy river and one of the most popular stops is Minigun. The ruins here are absolutely remarkable and have beaten the sands of time. Embedded in a picturesque location, the stories behind the attractions here are nothing short of astounding!

Tidying the grounds in MingunTidying the grounds in Mingun

Fascinating Stories Of The Land

The tale of Mingun begins in 1790 when King Bodawpaya ordered a temple be built that reflected the power and dominance of his rule. If it had been built, the temple would have reached an astounding 150 metres. Even unfinished, the temple remains the largest single mass brick building in the world.

According to researchers, the construction of the tower caused a terrible impact on both the people and the local economy. Due to this, a plan was devised to halt the work. There are two tales that explain why the tower remained unfinished. One theory suggests an astrologer claimed that the completion of the temple would bring the King’s doom while another suggests the ruler was told it would bring the end of Mingun itself!

A smaller model of the unfinished temple can be viewed close by and there is no doubt that it would have been a remarkable piece of architecture. Indeed, even in it’s finished form our travellers can’t help but marvel at its beauty.

In the past, the temple was a key place of worship for locals in the area. Today, there is still a shrine nearby with an image of Buddha, making it a popular place for meditation.

Of course, the unfinished temple isn’t the only attraction that makes Mingun a worthy and exciting stop on our luxury river cruises. You will also be able to discover the heaviest working bell ever created. The bell was cast in 1808 and finished in 1810. There are many secrets behind its creation, including how it was made across the river and carried to the other side using remarkably innovative tools.

Despite an earthquake knocking the bell off its support in 1839, it has been carefully preserved and still works to this day.

A stone's throw from these attractions clients can also view the great Myatheindan Pagoda. This gorgeous curving piece of architecture stands out due to its beautiful white shade. The building was designed to resemble the mythical Mount Meru and it certainly has an aura of enchantment.

Unlock The Secrets Of Mingun With Pandaw

At Pandaw, we are thrilled to be able to provide our passengers with incredible adventures to locations like Mingun and other similar hidden parts of Asia. There are so many wonders that are only accessible by the waters that we navigate with ease on our luxury cruises ready to cater to your every need.

We’ll be your companions and your expert guides on a journey through Asia you won’t forget.

Market stall at MingunMarket stall at Mingun