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When boarding a Pandaw River Cruise, you can be prepared to visit some of the most beautiful places in Asia. One of those incredible places is Myaungmya. Myaungmya is one of the most beautiful sites to see in the whole of Burma on one of our Irrawaddy Delta Cruises.

Myaungmya is just one of the destinations you will have the joy of visiting when you book a Pandaw River Cruise. Myaungmya is located in south Burma in the Irrawaddy division. Myaungmya was formed in 1893 from a portion of the Bassein district.

The Bassein district itself is swamped in history. Bassein town until 1317 was a part of the Devagiri Yadavas territory. Shortly after, it became a port for the Gujarat Muslim Kings. The Portuguese established a fort at the trading station in Bassein in 1526. The fort is now in ruins, and Bassein became famous for its shipbuilding industry.

Myaungmya is nowadays mostly known for its beautiful sites and especially its rice cultivation and fishing. Nearly all of the inhabitants of Myaungmya occupy both of these trades.

Locals in Myaungmya on the bank of the Irrawaddy DeltaLocals in Myaungmya on the bank of the Irrawaddy Delta

Myaungmya township is the original ancestral home of the Mon Nya. The Mon people were among the earliest people to inhabit southeast Asia. The Mon alone were responsible for the spread of Theravada Buddhism. The Mon people incredibly were among the earliest civilizations in the history of early Thailand and of course the history of Myanmar itself.

The Mon people were a major influence on Myanmar culture. The Mon common tongue is called the Mon Language and is that of Austroasiatic language. You can still find this beautiful language spoken among some of the inhabitants of Myaungmya today.

Of course, Myaungmya township is a part of the deltaic tract and a part of the Irrawaddy region. The Irrawaddy region itself plays host to beautiful forest land, and the import and export of wood are some of the most important components of its economy.

One of the most popular places in the Irrawaddy region is Pathein. Pathein also sits on the Irrawaddy River and is another neighbor of Myaungmya that boasts a host of secrets.

Pathein is one of the most important ports outside of Yangon and was also at a time part of the Man kingdom. In close proximity to Pathein is Diamond Island. Diamond island is not only extremely popular among bathers. It is also known to be a major resting area for green turtles.

Diamond Island also hosted a communication station, that is unfortunately now closed. In 1908 the station was the point of contact for the Andaman Islands and Bassein. In 1942 and during the second world war, Yengyua, a river steamboat evacuated British radio operators stranded on the island.

The best way to experience Myaungmya is on The Great Irrawaddy Delta cruise.