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Situated on the bank of Luoc River, Ninh Giang is an iconic destination with a fascinating history, stunning sceneries, and a unique culture that forms an integral stop off on one of our Halong Bay Cruises.

Locals selling fresh produce on the streets of Ninh GiangLocals selling fresh produce on the streets of Ninh Giang

About Ninh Giang

Ninh Giang sits just 41mi to the south-east of Hanoi, and is a central region of the Hai Duong Province. As the birthplace of Khuc Thua Du, the 10th-century governor who ended a thousand years of Chinese domination to begin the country’s new chapter as an independent state, Ninh Giang is truly one of the most historically significant destinations in the country.

While many beautiful temples were ruined by the post-war cultural rehab campaigns, Ninh Giang is still blessed with some truly stunning architecture and modern temples along the banks of the Red River Delta, which are particularly noted or the stunning setting that they produce at sunset. With temperatures usually sitting between 60 degrees F and 90 degrees F, the climate is pleasant throughout the year.

The area is famous for its huge rice field that lie parallel to the river while farmers also produce a lot of crops that are exported to the capital and other cities. The local trade, combined with its cultural and religious history, is truly fascinating.

The timezone is UTC +7 while a number of the regions important highways run through (and close to) this area. Languages spoken in the area are Vietnamese, English, French, Chinese, Central Khmer.

Things To Do In Ninh Giang

While many of the beautiful temples have been replaced, Ninh Giang maintains its spiritual vibe and even non-religious guests are invited to soak in the culture of the temples. The many statues at The Chong Pagoda are a particular highlight that provide insight into the historical culture of the ara while additionally providing the best photo opportunities.

Even when you’ve been on a cruise, taking a small boating trip down the river is the perfect way to take in the stunning landscapes in a relaxed manner while you can stop off at the various eateries along the route for a tasty treat of local cuisines. Meanwhile, The Khuc Thua Du Temple is dedicated to the national heroes that helped Vietnam gain its independence while the stone bridge is a piece of architectural beauty.

Tranquility along the local river banks is supported by nature and chilled vibes. However, as a town with a population of around 150,000 people, Ninh Giang town has plenty of local shops and stools, street performers, and more. Meanwhile, The Tranh temple in Tranh Xuyen Village boasts three halls and is best-known for its 200kg bronze statue of Mandarin Tuan Tranh.

A number of Unesco heritage sites are located within 100 miles of the district, but visitors that are limited for time will want to focus on the local attractions. In addition to travel by foot, bicycle rentals can be a great way to explore the landscapes and travel to the nearby main town. The best way to experience Ninh Giang is on our Halong Bay and Red River cruise where you can experience the local way of life.

Busy street on a walking tour of Ninh GiangBusy street on a walking tour of Ninh Giang

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