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The majestic country of Myanmar (also known as Burma) has no shortage of sites of extraordinary natural and architectural beauty. Home to over a hundred different ethnic groups, this cultural melting pot boasts a wealth of natural beauty dotted here and there with stunning gilded pagodas. At Pandaw we take pleasure in unshrouding the mysteries and exquisite treasures of this fabled country for adventure-hungry travellers from all corners of the globe. Our Myanmar river cruises are designed to help travellers explore the richness and diversity of Myanmar via the simple beauty of its waterways.

It is our pleasure to share the many beautiful gems of this vastly under-explored country as well as numerous other destinations throughout Asia. Destinations worthy of a spot on any adventurer's bucket list, like the legendary Old Mandalay Road immortalized by Rudyard Kipling and passing through the picturesque Kengtung / Shan State and its wealth of beautiful villages.

On the road to MandalayOn the road to Mandalay

The Historic Beauty of Old Mandalay Road

Connecting the capital of Rangoon with Mandalay, this ancient road has long been travelled by pilgrims, merchants and everyone in between. Snaking through the remote Kengtung State the road, while well travelled has been changed very little by the passage of time.

It’s history, like much of Kengtung and the greater Shan state is shrouded in mystery and myths and legends handed down from parent to child provide the only account of the region’s early history.

Indeed, what makes the location so appealing to adventurers is its complete lack of the usual tourist trappings. Many of the people who live here are unaccustomed to seeing western tourists.

If you’re tired of travelling all over the world, seeing the same old gift shops and fast food stands, this is the trip that will help you get to the heart of the real Asia.

Visit the Old Mandalay Road on our Mekong Cruise

You can explore the beauty of the Old Mandalay Road when you embark upon our Mekong Cruise that takes you from Laos to China. It’s a fantastic way to sample the wonderful topographical and cultural diversity of Asia. What better way to explore the rich histories and sumptuous sights of laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and China? We’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you a 14 day cruise you’ll remember forever!

Let Pandaw Cruises unlock Asia’s gems for you

Explore the wonders of the Old Mandalay road with Pandaw. We are dedicated to bringing you a travel experience you’ll never forget, combining the many wonders of the Asian continent with the kind of simple luxury that brings peace and relaxation.

Our cruise ships are small enough to allow you to explore Asia’s treasures from even the most winding waterways yet offer the highest passenger-to-deck-space ratio of any cruise ships afloat. You’ll find that our crew are completely dedicated to making your trip enjoyable and unforgettable.

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