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Travellers who book one of our Irrawaddy river cruises are guaranteed to discover some incredible stops on their enchanting river journey. However, there is no location quite like Pagan. Filled with architectural wonders and embedded in a rich history. Pagan is largely inaccessible but our river cruises provide travellers with a backstage pass to this incredible destination and you will be able to journey deep into the heart of this ancient land yourself.

We’re delighted to be able to show our passengers a world far beyond the realms of what they thought possible and present them with something extraordinary. Join us on one of our cruises and take the trip of a lifetime to witness Pagan for yourself.

Manuha temple in PaganManuha temple in Pagan

Discover A Historic City

Located on the left bank of the Irrawaddy River, Pagan is roughly ninety miles from Mandalay. Those who are keen historians will know that Pagan is the iconic location of Mynamar. The old city was built in 849 CE and between the 11th and 13 century, this was the capital of the region. According to experts, Pagan was once the size of modern-day Mandalay!

During 1287, pagan was overrun with the Mongols. The terrifying tribe was active in the region during this period and Pagan was but one of their many conquests. The evidence of their impact on the location can still be seen to this day.

On our exciting expeditions, you will discover many of the secrets of this incredible location. Pagan was once a walled-off fortress with borders that stretched for over 2 miles. By many, it was viewed as a sacred city and it’s famously rich lands were the source of its strength through the ages.

One of the earliest structures that can be discovered and viewed on our cruises actually dates back to the turn of the tenth century. Despite being battered by earthquakes, it is still in remarkable condition.

You’ll find that many of the areas around Pagan have been given restorations to preserve their natural beauty and ensure that their stories live on.

Things To See And Do In Pagan

As well as being able to explore the remains of an ancient city, our expert guides can provide incredible details into everything that you may uncover through Pagan. You may also encounter researchers who are striving to root out more of the mysteries that still remain deeply buried here. Perhaps you could be the one to uncover a secret that has been lost in the sands of time?

We certainly encourage you to take a closer look at the shrines around Pagan. These are monuments to cultural deities, believed to have protected the land from disaster.

Shwezigon Pagoda in PaganShwezigon Pagoda in Pagan

Book A Cruise Now To Journey To Pagan Yourself

Pagan is one of the most mysterious and unique locations in Asia. It’s a fascinating place filled with wonder where you will be able to uncover the secrets of the past. With our expert team acting as your guide, you will be able to discover more about this fascinating location, all the while enjoying the luxuries on a cruise ship, built to cater to your every need.