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As part of The Golden Land and your Irrawaddy River Cruise, you will get to enjoy a stop-off at Prome (Pyay) in Myanmar. Once known as Burma, the country of Myanmar is well worth a visit as it has some truly unforgettable local cuisine as well as decorative pagodas and unbelievable natural landscapes. Even though it isn’t such a hotspot for tourists these days, there are still many great reasons to visit beautiful Prome (Pyay) on the banks of the Irrawaddy River.

In this quick travel guide to Prome (Pyay), we’ll go over some of its history and the things you can visit during your stop there.

The History Of Prome (Pyay)

Prome (Pyay) has been a busy trading town for a long time, and the town itself dates back to an ancient capital called Thayekhittaya. The ruins of this old capital are actually still visible, just a five-mile drive out of modern-day Prome (Pyay).

The town today is known by a few different names, although the most common are Prome and Pyay. Pyay is the name that the locals use, while Prome came about as a result of mispronunciation by the British. Over the years, the use of Prome became so widespread that it is often thought of as the town’s official name.

Prome (Pyay) Town
Prome (Pyay) Town

Things To See And Do In Prome (Pyay)


It’s well worth the short trip to get out to the ruins at Thayekhittaya to see the early town that would later become Prome (Pyay). It’s a fascinating site and also features a very interesting museum where you will be able to see some early Buddhist artifacts and sculptures. You’ll also be able to see some of the current excavations up close.

The Central Market

The town’s market is a bustling place to be and certainly a great location for a spot of people watching. You will also be able to shop for some souvenirs here as well. There will be plenty of stalls and stands selling trinkets and local goods for you to rummage through. If you’re hungry you can sample some of the delicious street food available.

Payagyi Paya

This gorgeous pagoda once marked one of the four corners of the ancient city of Thayekhittaya. Many believe that it dates from the 5th or 6th century. It consists of three floors and the pagoda’s pinnacle is lit up at night.

These are just some of the highlights of visiting Prome (Pyay). When you get off in the town during the stop-off as part of your Pandaw River Cruise, you certainly won’t be bored as there is so much to explore. Even just wandering around the town will be enjoyable as you can soak up the sunshine while taking in the traditional way of life in Myanmar.