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On one of our Irrawaddy Delta cruises, you can experience the small town of Pyapon on the Pyapon River, a tributary of the Irrawaddy Delta.


The History Of Pyapon

Located 75 miles south of Rangoon, Pyapon is a small fishing town on the Irrawaddy River. Although it’s known for its fishing, the marshlands were reclaimed in the 20th century for rice production due to the rice paddies. As a result, it’s still one of the main producers of rice in Myanmar, shipping its products to the rest of the country and is known as the “Rice Basket” of Burma.

The rice paddies attracted Burman and Karen settlers, many of which are still in Pyapon today mixed with the ancient, indigenous Mon race.

Top Attractions

The natural beauty of Pyapon is what stands out the most as you float along the Irrawaddy River 15km away from the Andaman Sea. As well as the paddies that dominate the landscape, cruisers often spot birds in the less populated areas. River crocodiles sometimes lay on the bank, and dolphins have been known to use the backwaters as nurseries.

From an industrial point of view, the diesel-electric plant is a contrast to the natural Buddist culture and scenery, which mainly consists of temples. The temples are popular attractions for visitors who want to learn more about the history of Pyapon as well as the modern-day society.

Things To Do On A Pyapon Cruise

The best way to get a taste of this island-like town is to take a backwater tour. Pyapon is similar to other backwater villages, such as Alleppey in Kerala, India, and you can see the life of the people and the togetherness of the community in real-time. After the damage of Cyclone Nargis, the villages are under construction and still show the signs of destruction 11 years later.

Jungles comprise a significant range of the landscape, so a trek down through the vegetation on the lookout for Irrawaddy dolphins and saltwater crocs is a must too. However, if you want to get off the water, there is more than people watching or animal spotting. In the hustle and bustle of the town, you’ll find vibrant markets that sell everything from rice and fish to flavoursome spices.

Pandaw Cruises

Here at Pandaw Cruises, we have the ultimate 7-night Great Irrawaddy Delta expedition that takes in everything from Rangoon to Pyapon, Bogale and the Twante Canal in Maubin. Not only do we include transfers, excursions and main meals, but we offer fantastic English-speaking guides. Entrance fees come as standard, too.

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