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One of our Irrawaddy River Cruises through Myanmar can take you to many fascinating destinations. One of the most popular stops on our cruises is Salay and the beautiful Salay House, which is a well-known attraction in the village. Salay is a beautiful village, and just one of the stops that our guests can enjoy on one of our Irrawaddy river cruises. When you choose to join us on one of our exciting and fascinating river cruises, you don't want to miss out on the incredible things that Salay has to offer its visitors.

Novice nun at SalayNovice nun at Salay

About Salay

Salay is a village just over 20 miles from Bagan, which originates from the 12th or 13th century. As an active religious centre, there are approximately 50 monasteries and fewer than 10,000 residents - that's fewer than 200 people per monastery. In addition to the earlier history of Salay, the village's colonial history can also be observed when you visit. Visitors can see some remaining British colonial buildings, which stand as a reminder of the Burma Oil Company and its presence in the village in the 19th century. From the same century, wooden monasteries can be seen and explored.

What is Salay House?

Salay House is one of the popular attractions in the village. Formerly a trading company warehouse built in 1906, it has been carefully restored and now serves as a museum. Anyone who loves to explore the culture of the destinations that they visit will love this addition to our river cruise itinerary. The museum offers an educational experience, looking at the area's past and the culture of the present too. The museum has a market-to-table menu for dining too, which you can enjoy on the outdoor decking as you look out over the river.

Other Attractions to Visit in Salay

As well as visiting Salay House, there are various other attractions for you to enjoy in the village. You can admire the architecture from different eras, and visit some of the monasteries that show the village's strong religious connection. The Mann Paya Buddha is one of the older attractions, possibly originating from around 1300 AD. The story goes that it was spotted floating down the river in 1888, and pulled ashore by villagers. They then painted it in gold lacquer, making it not just one of the largest Buddha images in the country but also one of the only lacquered images.

Experience Salay and Salay House on a Pandaw River Cruise

Join us on one of our Myanmar river cruises, and experience Salay and Salay House on one of the stops. Our Mandalay Pagan Packet Cruise offers you a thrilling river cruise that shows you a fascinating new world, giving you a chance to explore Salay and look at Salay House.

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