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Siem Reap is the town around which the Angkor monuments are situated. Modern Siem Reap is about 45minutes from the Tonle Sap and the port facilities there are very poor - dusty and disorganised - so be prepared!

The modern town is not very attractive and with the increased popularity of Angkor as a destination over the past few years literally hundreds of new hotels have opened. It is a big mess with congested traffic and even pollution. Such are the benefits of mass tourism.

However, the temple complexes are so vast and varied that it is quite easy to lose the package tour groups and do your own thing. Explored with discernment, and good planning, many a magical moment is still to be had. (e.g. Avoid the sunrise from Angkor Wat as this is what most tourists will be doing). Look to exploring some of the complexes like Rolous that are further away and less busy. Although very busy, Angkor remains one of the most important architectural sites on the planet and is an absolute must!

Cruises which visit Siem Reap