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When you book an Irrawaddy River Cruise with Pandaw, you can expect to stop off at some of the most interesting and enchanting locations. This is something that is represented no better than by the ancient city of Tagaung. You will be able to explore this city on foot, viewing the incredibly fortifications. During the evening, you will be able to climb the Pagoda Hill at Tigyang. This offers the most incredible views, so you will want to make sure that you take your camera with you.


What to expect from Tagaung

Tagaung is located on the river Ayeyarwady's east bank. It is 56 miles north of Shwebo and 127 miles north of Mandalay. Its civilization goes back to the early era of Christianity, with Pyu culture. It is certainly an impressive place to visit. At present, the only remnants of this ancient site are traces of the moat and ruins of the fort walls. It appears that the river has washed away the western wall.

There is evidence that Buddhism prevailed at this site since the early times. This is because there is a big ruined pagoda called the Shwe Zigon. Due to the fact that almost all of the ancient site is now occupied by the new town, archaeological excavations could not be carried out. There were only a few plots of this carried out during the 1967-69 period. However, those that were conducted do show that there is evidence of religious edifices and habitation sites.

By visiting Tagaung on one of our cruises, you will get a real feel for what it used to be like here in ancient times. Nevertheless, you will also see what modern-day Tagaung is like as well. There are still artefacts and ancient ruins across the city. However, Tagaung today has a population of more than 6,500 and it is also home to 950 households. It is starting to turn into a busy town, and it has a lot of personality too. To say it is a place that is one-of-a-kind would be no exaggeration. It has so much depth of history and character yet you can also see that the town is on a new journey too.

If you are interested in visiting the magical and ancient city of Tagaung, all you need to do is book a cruise with Pandaw today. We actually have a number of different cruises that involve stopping off at this impressive location, including our new cruise, which is our Pagan & The Upper Irrawaddy. You can find more information on all of the cruises we have running iva our website.