Pandaw River Cruises
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Luxury small ship river cruises in Asia
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Welcome to Pandaw, with a team keen to take you into the unknown on a whirlwind adventure to incredible destinations that very few people gain the chance to explore. We can transport you deep into the heart of Asia on a luxury ride across twisting waters to find hidden monuments and incredible cultures.

Our aim is to make sure that you discover an experience that you will never forget with memories of enchanting destinations guaranteed to spark your imagination. One of our stops is the beautiful and picturesque Kinh Thay River part of our Vietnam river cruises. Here you'll find an eclectic array of sights and sounds as we take you to a whole other world.

View of the Kinh Thay river from one of our Pandaw vesselsView of the Kinh Thay river from one of our Pandaw vessels

Industrial Wonders

The Kinh Thay River is often filled with shipbuilders, crafting new rigs that will soon be ready to traverse the river. You are certain to see massive cargo vessels that are often decorated in beautifully, coloured bunting. Those working on the ships never fail to greet travellers on our cruises as we pass by.

Incredible Villages

Our journey across the Kinh Thay River will allow you to visit and explore many picturesque locations including Thanh Ha. This remote village is one of the most popular parts of our experience with locals who love welcoming visitors into their community.

Take a seat in front of a gorgeous pond filled with lotus flowers and enjoy a fun, musical puppet show. As the locals wade into the water, the show begins with an entertaining attraction that dates back to the 11th century and originates in the villages of the Red River Delta.

The stories told through this incredible art form detail the lives of those in rural Vietnam as well as Vietnamese folklore.

Stunning Scenery

This location certainly needs to be seen in person to be fully believed. There are parts of this journey featuring massive plains on either side of the river that stretch for miles. This provides an incredible view with mountains looming on the horizon.

As well as the stunning natural scenery, you will also have the opportunity to encounter a vast range of different wildlife. Through the evening, bats can be spotted flying overhead and it’s quite a sight to see them soaring through the sky.

Many areas are completely secluded with no other boat insight, providing a serene and peaceful atmosphere that you are sure to adore.

Uncover The Secrets Of Kinh Thay River

With Pandaw, you can explore the hidden wonders of Kinh Thay River with locations and stops that are completely inaccessible through other forms of travel. We’ll give you an experience that is unrivalled while delivering a luxury level of service. Our cruise ships can cater to your every need and introduce you to a whole new world that you have never encountered before. Be sure to ask our expert team when you have any questions so we can provide a deeper dive into this historic location.