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The Rajmahal Hills are located in the state of Jharkhand in northeast India, near the border with Bangladesh. The hills lie between the mighty Himalayas to the north and the Ganges River to the south. The upper parts of the Ganges flow through the mountains and meander its way down into the valleys and plains to the south.

What Makes The Rajmahal Hills Famous And Why?

Aside from being famous for their breathtaking panoramic views, The Rajmahal Hills are famous for their plant fossils. Many of the fossils from the region are over 68 to 145 million years old. There is a collection of Rajmahal plant fossils at the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany in Lucknow. Over the years, the fossils have attracted top researchers from all over the world for study.

The Rajmahal Hills are also famous as being a place visited by the nineteenth-century explorer Francis Buchanan-Hamilton. Buchanan-Hamilton famously travelled through the hills and was one of the first westerners to document their character during the colonial era.

Finally, the Rajmahal Hills are famous for the Rajmahal Traps, a series of geological features created during the Jurassic. The traps are a reminder that this place was once very much active and an essential part of India's geological history.

An image of The Rajmahal Hills captured during sunrise by one of our passengers during their Ganges River Cruise
An image of The Rajmahal Hills captured during sunrise by one of our passengers during their Ganges River Cruise.

Key Facts About The Rajmahal Hills

The Rajmahal hills are named after the town of Rajmahal, a settlement that lies directly on the banks of the Ganges river to the northeast of the capital of Jharkhand. The Rajmahal Hills sits to the west of the settlement and form the highlands that blanket the majority of Jharkhand province. The terrain is steep, impassable in places, with only a few road connections running through the area.

The region is believed to have been formed by volcanic activity which led to the formation of the hills in the Cretaceous epoch. The hills aren't particularly high, with an average elevation of 200 to 300 metres, but some peaks rise as high as 550 meters in places.

Top Attractions In and Near The Rajmahal Hills

As the Rajmahal Hills are so remote and isolated, there are few attractions in the hills themselves. There are, however, more attractions in settlements across Jharkhand for tourists to explore. The Rajmahal Hills are a destination for those keen on adventure and travelling through a genuine wilderness.

The Moti Jharna waterfall in the Rajmahal Hills

This Moti Jharna waterfall offers panoramic views of hills and greenery surrounding the waterfall. The stream flowing in this place has its source at the Rajmahal Hills. This scenic destination is a favourite amongst those visiting the area and can be seen from the river Ganges during your Pandaw expedition.

The Village of Kanhaiyasthan

Kanhaiyasthan is a small village located near the Rajmahal Hills on the banks of River Ganges. One of the main attractions of this village is the Kanhaiya Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna, after whom the village is also named. Not only does visiting a village allow you to be more knowledgable and culturally aware but also gives you the opportunity to meet the local people and discover their way of living.

Top Things To Do During Your Trip To The Rajmahal Hills

Walking & Hiking on The Rajmahal Hills

Fortunately, their low elevation but relative isolation, the Rajmahal Hills are an ideal location for hiking. However, you'll need to stock up well though with plenty of supplies: local transport and mobile infrastructure are poor.

Go Sightseeing & Discover the Hidden Gems of The Rajmahal Hills

The Rajmahal Hills showcase rural India at its best. If you want to see how locals have lived their lives for hundreds of years, this is the place to go. India river cruises offer an excellent opportunity to experience ancient lands, embrace new cultures and learn about the history of this beautiful place.

Experience the Local Cuisines

All around the edge of the Rajmahal Hills, you'll find traditional, local restaurants providing authentic food from the Jharkhand province. Indian food is usually a hit for the majority of people so being able to experience it within the country is a bonus for most passengers. However, if you're after a range of places to eat, you'll need to travel to Bhagalpur.

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