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One of the things you’ll see if you take a Halong Bay River Cruise is Viet Tri, the capital city of Phú Tho Province in North-East Vietnam. Roughly a quarter of a million people live here and it’s a very pleasant and welcoming city to visitors.

Viet Tri is an industrial city and there are lots of important aspects of the Vietnamese economy that are based here. There are chemical and paper production industries here, as well as many other kinds of industrial enterprises. Find out more about Viet Tri and the wider city below.

A warm welcome for tourists at Viet TriA warm welcome for tourists at Viet Tri

History of Phú Tho Province

There's a long and storied history linked to Phú Tho Province and it informs the city of Viet Try as it stands today. The province has always been known as the West Gate of Hanoi because of its location and proximity to the capital city of Vietnam.

It’s also home to some of the most important natural landscapes and wild open spaces in Vietnam. The Red River and the Da River both connection here and the Xuan Son National Park is one of the most impressive natural areas you’ll find in Vietnam. It covers over 15,000 hectares of land and many of this is made up of natural forest area.

There are some impressive species of animal that have made Xuan Son National Park their home. There are even very rares species found here too, including Tibetan bears, cobras and gray gibbons. The extensive networks of caves found here is also home to a large population of bats.

One of the things most commonly associated with this province is tea. It’s a vital part of the economy here because it’s produced in a large quantity and shipped to other countries for sale.

Viet Tri

There are many attractions that make Viet Tri worth visiting, especially if you’re going through this are as part of a Halong Bay River Cruise. The Hung Temple is one of the most important monuments in this part of Vietnam, and it’s a beautiful piece of architecture. If you get to see it up close and in person, you should make the most of that opportunity. Around the year, there are still festivals and events that happen around the site of the temple.

Another key attraction is the Binh Son Pagoda Tower. It’s an imposing structure that is actually 11-stories high and has a terra cotta design. You’ll definitely want to see it when you’re in Viet Tri. It was originally constructed under the Tran Dynasty and is the tallest structure made from terra cotta that still survives to this day, which is pretty impressive.

If you’re going to be making the most of a Halong Bay River Cruise anytime soon, be sure to make the most of everything Viet Tri has to offer. It’s a fascinating city and the wider province has a vital and interesting history. You’ll enjoy exploring and learning more about Viet Tri when you’re there.

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