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Vinh Long is an island that is long in shape and sits midway along a Delta island which is a stop on most Mekong river cruises. The Mekong River winds along the northern border, and the Bassac river runs down to the south. The name "Vinh Long" literally translates to "eternal prosperity" and given the number of lush fruit orchards and heavily cultivated rice picking areas, it's not a surprise. More travellers who come to Vinh Long spend time in the capital, and while the town itself is medium in size, there are a lot of the best places sitting in the corner of Vinh Long, right where the Co Chien river meets the Long Ho canal. It's a very popular spot for sipping a coffee and watching the world go by and hearing the river roar past.

Vinh Long is a base for those who want to see the floating market at Cai Be, and it's known for the homestays on An Binh, too.

Vinh Long waterfront
Vinh Long waterfront

Things To See & Do

There is a large wet market that borders the central market in Vinh Long, with gold shops and plenty of places to eat delicious local food. We mentioned the floating market at Cai Be, and that's always worth a visit. The homestays are the most popular thing to see, and there are tours that operate both on the river and on foot. Very few people stay overnight in Vinh Long, so you could find yourself the only tourist in the village if you stay over, which is a great way to experience life as a local first hand.

Cai Be operates quite late into the day so you'll have plenty of time to explore. A lot of people come thinking that there are some high-quality tourist attractions to see, but there isn't as many as you'd think. However, there is one main claim to fame at Vinh Long, and that's the Van Thanh Mieu pagoda, which is a sprawled complex in the gardens. There isn't the tourist infrastructure in the same way that My Tho or Can Tho has, but the town is easy to navigate, and there is a lot of charm and delicious market food to have. You can remain laid back and enjoy yourself here and mix in with the locals to experience what Vinh Long truly has to offer.

Van Tanh Mieu Pagoda
Van Tanh Mieu Pagoda

River Cruises

With Pandaw River Cruises, you can get on a boat from Saigon to Siem Reap, stopping at Vinh Long along the way. From here, you can do a few tours or boat trips to the market and push on to Can Tho. There are a lot of trips to Cai Be that you'll need three hours for at least, as it takes 45 minutes to get there and back again.

If you're on foot, the central bus station near the market can take you almost everywhere you want to go for the best trip possible. Don't forget to get your souvenirs!

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