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In the Ayeyarwaddy Division of south-west Myanmar lies the idyllic town of Wakema. A small yet bustling town surrounded by awe-inspiring greenery and wildlife, it is known as a melting pot of religions, with Baptist, Buddhism and Muslim places of worship scattered around it. Accessible via one of Pandaw’s Irrawaddy Delta River Cruises, you will be able to walk through the busy streets of the port, tasting incredible culinary delights and seeing the locals working on the market stalls on day 6/7.

Houses on the banks of the Irrawaddy river at WakemaHouses on the banks of the Irrawaddy river at Wakema

Key Facts About Wakema

  • It has a population of over 42,000 people
  • It is also known as Wagay-ma, Wancuma, Wankinna and Wagema
  • It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • It is in the Myaungmya District
  • It is a unique stop on your river cruise

Top Attractions to Visit in Wakema

Although Wakema is quite a small town, it’s filled with things to see and do during the time you are there. When you have a few hours to spare, you can see the following:

Hantharwaddy Kamahtann Monastery

Hidden amongst lush greenery, this historic treasure is a must-see for those looking to dip their feet into the culture of Myanmar. Located just off a dirt road, from the moment that you arrive at this monastery you will feel at one with nature.

BoGyoke Park

Not to be confused with the much larger park in Yangon, this little yet beautiful park makes for a wonderful explore when you are in Wakema. Situated next to the banks of the river, it is often missed by tourists exploring the area.

Thet Kya Ma Har Thiri Pagoda

This beautiful and ornate pagoda is located in the heart of Wakema. Architecturally fascinating, from the moment you enter this pagoda you will feel at peace with your surroundings. One of Wakema’s most popular tourist attractions, it is visited by thousands of people each year. The perfect place to visit whilst on your river cruise, it showcases Myanmar’s religious traditions.

What Wakema is Famous For

Although Wakema is visited by many tourists per year (most commonly those on a river cruise), the traditional look and feel of the town makes it a wonderful place to visit for those wanted to see the true Myanmar.

Not only is it known for its variety of religions, busy port and market, but it is also home to the Government Technological Institute that was established in 1996. A prominent university attended by numerous locals and international students, it has grown over the years to introduce state of the art equipment. When you are on your river cruise, you will be able to pass by the university gates due to its proximity to the centre of town.

Wakema is also known as the hometown of Sayadaw U Pannya Vamsa who was a notable Buddhist missionary who worked throughout Sri Lanka and Malaysia (as well as other areas) until his death in 2017. A builder of 8 monasteries around the world, his rich history make him beloved in the town. The Great Irrawaddy Delta cruise will allow you to explore this beautiful town.