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Dear Paul (if I may?),

Hats off to you for your extraordinary Pandaw! We’re just back in UK from a week on RV Zawgyi Pandaw, Homalin to Monywa. Ever since our first Pandaw trip in 2001 we’ve wanted to return.

This latest cruise down the Chindwin (our photographs here) was perfect in every way. You have built an extraordinary crew, an extraordinary ship, a fascinating itinerary, and a wonderful experience for Burma-lovers like us. There’s a spirit of generosity about Pandaw, and the entire cruise was magnificently managed.

I expect you and the Pandaw receive peons of praise every day, so I’ll try not to repeat the same multitude of good things that others probably tell you. But two things in particular stuck out from our trip… It happened to be my birthday on October 3, but deliberately we kept quiet about it. Despite this, the Purser noticed the date on my passport (wow!). At the end of dinner the lights dimmed, a beautiful cake appeared, and with it the crew in dress uniforms to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and other Burmese songs. Then each one came forward with congratulations and birthday greetings. I cannot tell you how touched I was.

The second thing also concerns the crew. Throughout the cruise they were disciplined, courteous, attentive, hard-working, thoughtful, and professional in every way. One fellow passenger - a lady - was in difficulties some of the time, but they all looked after her with great kindness and understanding. The standard of service was outstanding. Having run businesses myself, I have no idea how you have managed to build such team spirit in such a remote setting!

I suspect you are obsessive about detail, so one minuscule suggestion: in the cabin the switch for the bedside light is directly above the back of the bed. This means that if you are in the habit of sitting up in bed - e.g. to meditate - you’re in danger of hitting it with your back and switching on the light. It would be great if that switch could be placed between the beds instead.

Very many thanks for all you have created and the great joy Pandaw has given us (and thousands others). I read your excellent Pandaw book while on the Chindwin and have a tiny understanding of what it has taken. Emma and I salute you! We hope to book another trip soon, hopefully the Upper Chindwin next year.

All best wishes

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The Chindwin: 7 Nights

Chindwin Monywa - Homalin

7 nights

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members from US$3,234

River Cruise itinerary for The Chindwin: 7 Nights
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