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Now that we have returned home I just thought I would send you an update. After an interesting vist in Varanasi and the frustrations of the early part of the cruise the Boat Manager and his crew did a tremendous job of getting things back on schedule. Though from what I hear this resulted in the need for what sounds like expensive repairs to the boat's propulsion system.

The extra excursions that the Boat Manager added went down very well.

The arrival of the new executive chef on the fifth day greatly improved the quality of the food. His willingness to engage with the passengers and listen to and act on their requests resulted in happier meal times.

The crew as always was great, very friendly and helpful. Sunil and Aman, the two boys who run the dining room are amazing personalities, are in tune with the passengers and do their jobs well. It's a shame that they don't get the opportuinity to see the places the passengers visit on their excursions as that would provide them with further topics for conversation.

Ram, the Housekeeping Supervisor, is perhaps the outstanding crew member. Always immaculate in his appearance he did so much more than his job title suggests. Yes, he made beds and cleaned cabins but also served drinks in the dining room, accompanied us and looked after us on excursions. Very importantly on this trip he was very concerned for the welfare of those passengers who came down with sickness, providing food and drink suggestions to ease their discomfort. He even turned his hand to entertainment with his Mehendi and Saree and Dhoti demonstrations.

Yes, there is room for improvement and I am sure Brett will brief you on the discussions he had with us all. The problems with the river, its lack of water and shifting sands, together with the issue of the pontoons are perhaps more difficult to solve.

Overall though it was agreat experience. We have new friends and a lot of memories.


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