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Halong Bay River Cruises provide water access to some of the world’s most magical places, including, the UNESCO-praised village of Duong Lam. Duong Lam is an ancient village formed of 9 smaller villages, namely Mong Phu, Dong Sang, Doai Giap, Cam Thinh, Cam Lam, Phu Khang, Ha Tan, Hung Thinh and Van Mieu in Son Tay city. The ancient city is most well known as the birthplace of two Vietnamese kings but has remained popular with tourists thanks to its adherence to some of the most traditional elements of Vietnamese culture.

The preservation of quintessential Vietnam within Duong Lam and its collection of historic buildings many of which are more than 400 years old, make the village somewhat of a living museum, a place to experience a sense of Vietnam's past amongst the beauty of architecture and nature.

Entrance to Duong LamEntrance to Duong Lam

Key facts about Duong Lam

Duong Lam is a village formed of 9 smaller villages and is 50km from Hanoi city centre and covers an area of 800 hectares. The two Vietnamese kings born in Duong Lam were King Ngo Quyen and King Phung Hung. Both men led resistance wars against northern invasion and after winning national independence, were crowned kings. Brown onion rice cake and soft green-lentil cake are two traditional dishes of Duong Lam. Mud, clay and wood are the three most abundant building materials within Duong Lam village.

What to do in Duong Lam

The village of Duong Lam is an attraction in itself and simply walking the streets will immerse you in the culture and history of this ancient Vietnamese village. To make sure you get the most out of your visit, here are 5 of the best things to do in the area.

Eat some traditional Vietnamese food cooked and prepared in the traditional way such as brown onion cake and soft green-lentil cake at the local eateries. Visit the temples dedicated to King Ngo Quyen and King Phung Hung. Take a tour of the ancient village to learn about its history of more than 1200 years. Explore Mia Pagoda and the courtyards, rooms and figures that lie within. Step inside an ancient house to see the traditional Vietnamese way of living.

Getting to Duong Lam

Duong Lam is 50 kilometres and over an hour by car or taxi from Hanoi city centre, making the Red River by far the best way to access the city. Travelling to Duong Lam by boat or river cruise on the Red River, not only takes you right up to the village edge but also minimises your impact on the environment and the traffic surrounding the ancient city. Two of our river cruises that make stops at the village of Duong Lam on the Red River include the Halong Bay and Red River Cruise lasting 10 nights and the Halong Bay, Red River and Laos Mekong cruise lasting 21 nights. Both of these cruises stop right on the edge of Duong Lam Village allowing their passengers to take in the history and culture of Duong Lam village for an afternoon before continuing their journey and exploration.

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Halong Bay and Red River

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River Cruise itinerary for Halong Bay and Red River
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