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Myanmar is famed for its untouched scenery and temple-strewn landscapes, and never is that more the case than in remote destinations like Kindat. On one of our Chindwin River Cruises you can experience Kindat first hand.

The lack of information about Kindat is one of the things that makes it such an appealing place to visit. It’s so out of the way that you won't even find it on Google Maps, with the closest marked destination being nearby Mawlaik.

Located in an incredibly sparse part of the Chindwin Valley, Kindat was once the furthest point for IFC steamers outside of monsoon season. The name Kindat translates to 'military outpost,' and the Myanmar kings established the destination during ancient times. Now, it's home to an impressive colonial post office which, as you'll see on your visit, has been transformed into a local school.

Housing plots in Kindat

Top attractions in Kindat

Kindat in itself is all the attraction you’ll need when you visit here. The difference found in the way of life will strike any visitor as soon as they step off the boat. This is, after all, a destination so isolated that river is the only real way to get there. Walking around the secluded streets and shacks couldn't be further from the busy city living you might be used to in your everyday life. This, paired with the stunning sights on offer, is sure to make your trip here one to remember.

Nearby destinations also worth attention include:

  • Mawlaik
  • Sitthaung
  • Toungdoot

Each of these locations makes an appearance alongside Kindat on our 7-night voyage to Nagaland, and offer similar out-of-this-world experiences. If you want a taste of authentic Myanmar life, then it doesn't get much better than locations like these.

What is Kindat famous for?

As well as being the furthest point for the IFC steamers of the past, Kindat is famed for (as you can guess by the name), its use as a military outpost.

The remnants of the past are fast fading from this location as can be evidenced by the transformation of the old post office. Mostly untouched by the outside world, Kindat is certainly a destination unlike many modern locations we know today.

Kindat on the Nagaland River Cruise

Our iconic Voyage to Nagaland cruise is a 7-night trip that takes you right into the land of the Nagaland Warrior and brings a whole host of amazing views and destinations along with it. Every single day is guaranteed to bring you a sight like none you've ever seen before, and Kindat is no different. On the third day of your journey, you'll spend the morning here before heading to Yuwa.

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