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A prominent river we visit on our Halong Bay Cruises that played host to the Viet Minh's war zone during the French War, the Lo River (also known as the L'Eue River) flows through Vietnam’s far north mountains, down to the infamous Red River (which you will also visit during your river cruise). A crucial commercial artery between China and Vietnam throughout the French colonial period, it is now a popular river cruise destination offering breathtaking natural and man-made sights, a fascinating (and colourful) history and quaint villages upon the banks of the shore. Some of the most popular sights to see along the river cruise are Den Ha, Den Dong Xuan and Nha tho Tan Phuc – which showcase Vietnamese culture, traditions and the variety of religions that are active in the country.

This awe-inspiring river will be visited through our Halong Bay and Red River and Halong Bay, Red River & Laos Mekong river cruises. As you sail down the river, there will be plenty of opportunities to take mesmerising photos and videos, whilst relaxing and immersing yourself in the surrounding sights.

Mountains on the The Lo River Mountains on the The Lo River

Key Facts About The Lo River

  • It is one of the major tributaries that flows into the Red River
  • It originates in Yunnan, China
  • It is 475 km in length
  • It has a rich history dating back thousands of years
  • Viet Minh's artillery sank Two French Ships on the river in 1947
  • The river and battle have resulted in songs and poetry
  • Legendary Vitenamese composer Van Cao released ‘Epic of Lo River’ in 1947
  • Home to a variety of villages spread along its banks

Pandaw ship on the Lo RiverPandaw ship on the Lo River

Where to Visit Along The Lo River

Gia Thanh

A bustle of activity, this quaint village founded the notorious conical hats (known as ‘non la’) worn by millions of Vietnamese locals across the country. Abundant with lotus blossoms (Vietnam's national flower) throughout March, canals and wildlife, Gia Thanh can be found on the Lo River on the way to the popular and busy city of Hanoi. Home to around 400 families who rely on the rice paddies and farming, it’s a traditional village that you will be able to see whilst on your trip after stopping in Tien Du Ferry Station.

What The Lo River is Famous For

Not only does the Lo River have a rich history and culture that makes it fascinating river to sail on, but it has numerous markets, villages and wildlife that you will see as you sail down the river. Giving you a taste of what life is like in the north Vietnam, it is a wonderful place to sail through before joining the Da River and continuing with your river cruise.

A notorious river in north Vietnam that is frequently making the top 10 list of rivers to experience in your lifetime, it is home to a flourishing fish population that is relied upon by the locals living along it. As the years go on and the areas along the river continue to develop, it’s clear that the popularity of this destination will continue to grow.

River Cruises visiting Lo River


River Cruise itinerary for Halong Bay and Red River

Halong Bay and Red River

Halong Bay - Viet Tri

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River Cruise itinerary for Halong Bay and Red River
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