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Discover the magical city of Mai Chau, hidden within the mountains of North Vietnam. A rural district, three hours from Hanoi, it’s filled with awe-inspiring rice fields, quaint houses and breathtaking mountains. Boasting a laid-back atmosphere and extraordinary culture, it’s popular amongst many tourists. A wonder to see from your Halong Bay and Red River cruise, you will stop and have a few hours to explore. Ideal for hiking and mountain biking, the city transports you back in time to a simpler way of living.

Hills around Mai ChauHills around Mai Chau

Key Facts About Mai Chau

  • 140km from Hanoi
  • Retains many of its traditional wooden stilt houses
  • 150m above sea level
  • The district is approximately 520m² in size
  • Best times to visit are: March - May and September - November. It’s popular to visit around October because of the beautiful golden hue of the rice fields

Top Attractions To Visit

Top Attractions To Visit

A true masterpiece of nature, Go Lao Waterfall is a must-see when you stop off in Mai Chau. situated in the Phuc San Commune, it’s approximately 15km from the centre of town. 20 meters high, it is at the foot of a mountain surrounded by incredible greenery and crystal-clear water. Unspoilt and serene, many people swim in the tranquil waters throughout their visit.

Ngoi Village Muong

Visit a village that showcases what Vietnam is all about. Just along the river, for years this tranquil and traditional village was missed by tourists. Now a popular destination to visit whilst in Hoa Binh, it is adorned by stilt houses, homestays and lush greenery. Known for its delicacy of pork in grapefruit leaves and the Muong tribe, it has retained much of its historic charm.

Top Things To Do While in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is a wonderful city to walk around, no matter what the season. Abundant with spectacular valleys, there is plenty to see on your river stop. If you fancy cycling around the city and its villages, you can rent a bike from a homestay for approximately $10-$20. There are also many restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat or a refreshing coffee/tea, tasting the local cuisine that is favoured not only by the locals but by all that visit.

What Mai Chau is Famous For

Known for its green tea (transported from the Moc Chau tea plantations a 1 hour 30-minute drive away), bamboo-tube rice and warm hospitality Mai Chau is a gastronomic heaven. With rice grown it its numerous paddy fields, the cuisine is authentic and tantalising. No matter what your taste, there is plenty to see and explore throughout your trip.

Mai Chau is a hidden delight that transports visitors away from the bustling city of Hanoi and into the true Vietnam. A natural wonderland, every inch of the district will have you in awe from the moment that you see it from the comfort of the river cruise. The best way to discover Mai Chau is on our Halong Bay and Red River cruise.

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