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India is not just one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It’s also a country with a rich history and extraordinary cultural and religious diversity with each of its states having its own subtle variations in culture, mythology, topography and cuisine.

At Pandaw, our obsession is unlocking the many diverse gems of this thriving and industrious country for travellers from around the world. Our greatest delight is helping adventurous people find and explore Asia’s most naturally beautiful, historically significant and culturally rich locations from the water. Our luxurious India river cruises are designed to make the country’s stunning locations accessible to all. Locations like the lush, beautiful and culturally rich state of Nagaland.

From the river, we’ll guide you through this wonderful state to allow you the chance to explore the very best of what it has to offer.

History and People of Nagaland

The State of Nagaland was inaugurated back in 1963, and is the 16th State of the Indian Union. It is surrounded by Assam to the west, Burma (Myanmar) to the east, Arunachal Pradesh to the North and Manipur to the South. Within the state, there are 11 Administrative Districts, which are inhabited by 16 major tribes as well as numerous sub-tribes.

Each tribe has its own distinct culture, customs, language and dress, making Nagaland one of the most wonderfully diverse places in India to visit.

Life in Nagaland is much now as it has been for centuries, slow and relaxed, free of the high-tech encumbrances of the modern world.

Things to See and Do in Nagaland

Nagaland’s remote and largely unspoilt natural beauty makes it the perfect spot for travellers wanting to see a glimpse of India before it became a thriving hub of industry and commerce. As you explore this state on our river cruises you’ll get the chance to explore a number of villages, many of which are not accustomed to western visitors. And don’t forget to stop by the Khampti market to pick up some totally unique gifts and mementos to commemorate a trip that you’ll never forget.

No trip to Nagaland is complete without a visit to the state museum in Kohima, where you can learn all about this fascinating land and the equally fascinating naga people who inhabit, seeing numerous artefacts of the various naga tribes that call this state home.

Unspoilt Nagaland sceneryUnspoilt Nagaland scenery

Homalin to Kalewa- Enjoy Nagaland with us

With so much to see and explore, then natural wonders of Nagaland are best explored by boat. Fortunately, our Homalin to Kalewa river cruise will allow you the opportunity to explore all there is to see in the gentle and relaxed way that’s befitting of this timeless land.

Let Pandaw Cruises unlock Asia’s gems for you

Make Pandaw your companion in exploring the diverse natural and cultural wonders of Nagaland & the Chindwin River. Every member of our team, along with your crew, is dedicated to bringing you a travel experience you’ll never forget, combining the many wonders of the Asian continent with an unassuming standard of luxury. Our cruise ships are small enough to allow you to explore Asia’s treasures yet offer the highest passenger-to-deck-space ratio of any cruise ships afloat.

We can’t wait to explore the rivers of India with you!

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